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Talk And Listen to Your Employees

All employers have an obligation to consult all of their employees on health and safety. This does not need to be complicated. This can simply be listening and talking to them about:

  • health and safety and the work they do on a daily basis;
  • how to control risks;
  • the best ways of providing training and information.

Consultation is a two-way process, allowing sempoyees to raise influence decisions and raise concerns on the management of health and safety. Staff members are often the best people to understand risks in the workplace. Including them in making decisions shows them that you take their health and safety very seriously.

In a very small business, you may choose to consult your employees directly or in larger businesses you might consult through a health and safety representative, chosen by your employees or selected by a trade union. Employers cannot decide who will be the representative for the employees.

See  the HSE's ‘do your bit’ pages for more information on consulting with your staff. These pages include:

  • advice on what you should be doing;
  • a step by step guide;
  • case studies.